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Engage your Audience, Enhance your Message, Energize your Communication

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Operation Crusader


Operation Crusader's passion is communication.  Communication, done well, creates quality connections.  From marketing to fundraising, our goal is to tell your story and share your business experience by utilizing the correct media to connect with your target audiences.


What We Do

Operation Crusader is passionate about telling your story and engaging your audience.  To do this, we offer a wide variety of services that range from coaching and training to our complete comprehensive approach where we manage your online media.  Our business approach is unique, allowing our clients to choose the level of service that makes sense for them.  

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We Do

A la Carte

I want us to work together to manage my marketing. 

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You Do


I want OC to manage it all, I am just the resource. 

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I Do

Workshops and Trainings

I want to manage my marketing, I just need help.


How We Do It

3 E's of communication


Step 1: Engage

Engaging Your Audience

Engaging your audience, building a connection between you, your company or organization and your audience is the first step.  We create connection points where people can connect with your brand.  The more connection points that people engage with your company, the stronger the bond.

step 2: Enhance

Enhancing Your Message

Once engagement is developed, enhancing that message to make it resonate with your audiences.  Identifying your audience and crafting a message that can transcend the media used, build a powerful connection tool that empowers people to connect with you and positions you as an authority in your industry.

Step 3: Energize

Energizing Your Rapport

Adding energy will expand your audience and inspire them to buy into your message.  If your audience is not engaged, no amount of energy will connect them.  At Operation Crusader, we understand the process and can create a solid game plan to accomplish your goals.


Who We Serve

Operation Crusader serves several industries, ranging from small businesses to non-profit organizations.  Each industry and organization has different needs and goals.  We customize programs to fit those needs and goals so we can offer a wide variety of services to each industry.


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