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Workshops, Trainings, and Webinars


Operation Crusader understands that there are many people who would rather do it themselves than hire someone else to manage their online marketing.  Or, possibly, they already have some people who are responsible for their marketing and communication but they could use some help.  Operation Crusader offers a variety of styles and types of training to fit your needs.  From webinars to live presentations, join us and learn how to make your company stand out.


Training & Workshops

Operation Crusader offers a wide variety of trainings and workshops geared towards helping you improve your marketing and communication.  We use a variety of venues from webinars, video to in-person presentations depending on the length of the session and the topic discussed.  Some are an hour long while others may be a full day or multi-day.  No matter the type of session, the goal is still the same.  We want the people who attend to be able to walk away with valuable information they can use right away to make an improvement in their marketing and communication.


Training & Workshops


Operation Crusader offers three types of Trainings and Workshops. No matter what the method, our goals remain the same.

How can we best meet your needs?


Operation Crusader offers ongoing training and support focusing on communication and marketing. We offer two tracks, The Marketer Plan and The Business Leader Plan allowing our members to select what best works for them. Included in some plans is a support package, helping people over the marketing hurdles.

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Operation Crusader loves training small groups.  Typically, this is a group of four or ten people that team up to reduce the cost of training.  Operation Crusader covers key areas in communication that empowers each attendee to take immediate action and utilize their new skills and abilities.

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Operation Crusader offers focused training specifically for corporations and organizations.  This allows us to focus our complete attention on your organization.  The benefits to an organization is that along with the training, we offer a review of all of current the marketing strategies and tools.

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If you are a member within our training package, all of Operation Crusader’s webinars are included. Be sure to log on and register. If you would like to just join us on a webinar, here are some of our upcoming ones.

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