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Solo and Entrepreneurs


For both entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, branding and communication are critical to the success of the enterprise. Effective communication will place your personal brand in a positive light where people want to do business with you.  Crafting and establishing your brand has a large impact on the success or failure of your plans.




A Solopreneur is an independent person who is responsible for their own branding and marketing.  Some examples of Solopreneurs would be real estate agents, financial planners and direct sales agents.  While the companies provide some marketing, it is up to the individual to brand and market themselves.  Operation Crusader provides a variety of services to the Solopreneur ranging from workshops and seminars to the coaching and creative services.  People don't buy your company, they buy you and your brand.  Keeping your brand in the forefront and in the right light is the difference between success and failure.



Getting a business off the ground is challenging even in the best of circumstances.  Having the business built on a solid foundation is critical to its future.  Effecting online communication strategies is a major factor in development of sales.  Operation Crusader can help you create that solid foundation.  Because we offer services from coaching to our creative services, we can tailor a plan to fit an entrepreneur.  Each of our programs is customized to provide the services that are needed without the expense of services that are not as important at that particular time.  Contact us today and allow us to show you what we can do for your business.


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