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Social Media and ePublications

Engagement is everything in marketing.  Social media and ePublications are two of the most powerful tools an organization can use to increase that engagement.  Combined, they allow both an active and passive approach to marketing.  Better known as "push" and "pull" marketing, these tools are a primary source of connection.


Social Media


Social Media is embedded within our culture.  People like connecting and being social.  Done right, Social Media drives engagement, traffic back to your website as well as a strong ROI.  Done incorrectly, social media will just turn people off to your brand.

Operation Crusader can help manage your brand on social media.  We work closely with our customers to be an extension of them.  Working together, we discuss which platforms make sense for your brand?  What type of content would connect people?  What are your goals with engagement?  Each of these questions is critical in developing a Social Media Calendar.




While social media is often a passive approach where you post something and wait for people to see it, ePublications offers an active approach to marketing.  Email services allow you to reach out to people who are connected to your company.

Operation Crusader works with a variety of email service companies.  Each provide their own unique value.  The one we recommend is determined by where are clients currently are and any contact list that is currently developed.

Value is the key to any successful campaign.  Why should someone want to receive your message?  Operation Crusader can help craft your message, tell your story with video or graphics and connect people to your brand.


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