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Religious Associations 


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Religious Associations


For churches and religious associations, everything is about the message.  The challenge is that the methods of getting that message out are always changing.  At Operation Crusader, we understand the church world and why people engage or disengage with the institutions around them.  For many, it isn't about your church or organization at all.  Most churches in America are invisible buildings that people drive by each day.  The problem is the church is talking on one level, while people are listening on another.

People are deeply concerned about your message.  The meaning of life, why do bad things happen to good people, who am I?  Sadly, most churches don't spend their time online talking about any of that.  If a church is not willing to be the spiritual authority online, someone else will be.  We tend to focus our energy on talking to the people who are already attending our church services.

So what needs to change.  Everything.  We need to begin to give the message value and place it where people can interact with us.  We need to go where the people are living their lives.  For many, it is online.  If someone is looking, they typically will be looking online.  Does your online presence match the reality of when they visit?  If your online presence is not good, you will never know how many people clicked off and never will choose to visit.

Operation Crusader can help you navigate the online world, while helping you keep the message.  We can train your people on how to use the tools to interact with your community, developing how you are perceived.


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