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 Non-Profit Organizations


Non-profits straddle two worlds, the world they are trying to improve and that of the public where they want to change hearts and minds.  While non-profits do well in their world at making a difference, many times, they don't do as well with the public world.  For some nonprofits, this is perfectly fine by them.  For others that depend on the public's support, it can be a disaster.

People are engaged with stories and empathy increased with relationships.  If a non-profit wants to engage with its public, quality stories must be told in such a way that people feel energized to help.  The stories should be on the website, social media as well as blogs and ePublications.  They can be done with pictures, graphics or video, but must make the reader engaged with the hope they can help change a life.  People want to be on a winning team that makes a difference.  At Operation Crusader, we understand story telling and can help you craft a message that engages people bringing them over to your team.

Some non-profits rely on fund raising in order to survive or to accomplish a specific goal.  Operation Crusader can help with that as well.  From a specific project to an ongoing income stream, allow us to show you how we can help connect you with the public by creating fund raising funnel, how to fill it and how to keep it generating.


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Operation Crusader offers a variety of seminars, workshops and training designed specifically for non-profits.

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