Mystery Shopping

As a business owner or manager, you have specific ways that you expect your employees to interact with your customers.  The experience that is created will either propel your business forward or be an anchor holding back success.  Owners and managers instruct their employees in how to act and what to say in effort to keep the experience of their customers consistent.  We trust our employees to do what they are supposed to do, even when we are not watching them.  But to be successful, we need to "inspect what we expect."  This is the power of mystery shopping.

Mystery Shoppers are selected to be in your target audience.  In other words, the people who would best patronize your business.  They are neutral observers and do not come with any preconceived notions.  Their entire purpose is to report their experience of their visit.

They come to your establishment within the hours that you would like evaluated, just like everyone else.  No one knows their purpose and they patronize your business.  The difference is they are paying attention, watching and observing.  Once their visit is complete, they write a narrative of their visit and tell the story.  This can include things such as:

  • Their interaction with employees

  • How they liked a particular product or service

  • Cleanliness and the store

  • The overall experience

  • Specific items that you choose

Their goal is to be your eyes and ears providing you with the details of their experiences.  One of the most powerful components of the shop is that our shoppers also provide ideas that they wish they would have seen or experienced.  Many times, these ideas are things that only can come from a customer's experience and provide new areas to consider in improvement.  

Operation Crusader employs mystery shoppers, so our clients can get a better glimpse of their customer's experience, making them a better business.