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Digital Signage


Digital Signage


As screen prices continue to drop, digital signage can become a powerful force showing people what you have to offer.  Let's be honest, American's are trained to watch TV.  Just watch people instantly focus on whatever a screen is showing.  Companies and organizations can tie into this and provide content for people to see.


Free Digital Signage


Yes, you read that correctly...

Free Digital Signage.  Operation Crusader places a free sign at specific locations that have traffic such as a lobby or coffee shop.  We give, for free, the hosting company most of the content space on the sign.  However, what allows us to provide this for free is that we also include other people who may want to advertise on the same screen.  Some things to keep in mind.  No one that wants to advertise on the screen will compete with the host company.  Also, we are careful about age appropriateness.  For instance, if a host company is an establishment that caters towards children, there will be no bars advertising on the screen.


The Paid Version 


Some of Operation Crusader's clients want to reserve all of the message on the screen for themselves.  Operation Crusader offers a variety of ways to do this.  From a simple screen to one that can show live TV wrapped with your advertising, Operation Crusader can make it happen.

Digital signage allows you to take advantage of our natural tendencies to look at a screen.  While a person is waiting, it can present other opportunities to the person that they may have never thought to ask about.  For instance, the screen may showcase other products or services of a company or focus more on building credibility of your company.  There are a lot of uses.  All you would need is a place for the screen, a place to plug it in and a good WiFi. connection.  We can take it from there.


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