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Comprehensive Services


Operation Crusader offers Comprehensive Services to businesses and organizations.  What makes our comprehensive services so valuable is they take an overall approach to marketing.  We take the time to learn your goals and customize an approach utilizing the tools needed to engage people.


The Approach



It all begins with careful listening to our clients to understand their company, their current online strategies and their goals.


The next step is our team puts together a strategic marketing plan.  This plan allows us to create a congruent approach across a variety of mediums.


Crafting a message that is consistent with your brand and congruent with your goals.


Deciding where to share your message and the best media to engage your clients is the next step.


Operation Crusader then connects and manages all of those media and accounts.


The Benefits

  • All Inclusive: Operation Crusader's Comprehensive Approach allows a complete approach. Everything is included. There are no additional costs to add new mediums.

  • Comprehensive: Operation Crusader's Comprehensive Approach is just that, comprehensive. This allows us to connect media such as social media, ePublications, Blogs, Websites and more.

  • Customized: Operation Crusader customizes their approach. This is important, because it provides the most marketing impact while saving our clients money.

  • Coaching: Operation Crusader understands marketing. We understand what works and what doesn't. Coaching allows us to help our clients position themselves in the strongest position.

  • Team Approach: Operation Crusader brings a team approach to our clients. This allows our team to bring their individual specialties to help our clients market effectively.

  • Save Money: Operation Crusader save our clients money by eliminating the need to hire an employee. Even if you could find an employee that had the skills needed, by the time you add salary, workman's comp insurance, social security and other expenses, it makes financial sense to outsource your marketing.


Common Comprehensive Tools


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