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Coaching and Training


Coaching and Training


Operation Crusader offers a variety of coaching and training.  From marketing and communication coaching to specific company training, our passion is helping companies become crusaders for their brand.


Company Specific


Many times, a company is looking for an outside perspective to their marketing and communication efforts.  Operation Crusader can help.  In our company specific coaching and training, we evaluate one company.  From there, we break training down to six primary coaching topics

  • Understanding Marketing

  • Communication and Connection

  • The Central Hub

  • Social Media

  • Video and Visuals

  • Crafting a Plan

Each topic is focused on your company.  We help your team understand the How To's of each step.


Marketing Coaching


From entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to seasoned professionals,  Operation Crusader can help guide you through the myriad of competing attention drivers so you can craft a strong marketing approach.  Ranging from just a couple of sessions to multiple sessions per month, we can grow with you and your budget to help you gain marketing traction.


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