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A La Carte Services


While many people prefer our Comprehensive Programs, Operation Crusader also offers many services in an A La Carte fashion.  From websites to video, trainings to digital signs, Operation Crusader can help round out your marketing and communication.




A website is the central hub of anything you do online.  It must reflect your company accurately and be crafted from a marketing and communication perspective.  It must be simple to update and change and host your online connections points.


Videos - Visuals 


Videos and visuals one of the most powerful tools you can use online.  Studies have shown that if you want to connect with an executive to the public, video is your best chance to accomplish that goal.


Digital Signage


American's are trained to watch a screen.  Operation Crusader would like to tell your story on a screen in your location.  Allow your customers to learn more about your products or services.  It is often said, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  Express your company on a screen.


Social Media & ePublications


Social media and ePublications are powerful ways of connecting with people.  From Facebook to Google, MailChimp to Robly, having a passive and active marketing approach will create engagement.  That engagement creates customers and a strong ROI.  Operation Crusader can help manage your social media and ePublications.  We understand what works and what doesn't, allowing us to help present you in the strongest light, creating you as the authroity within your industry.




One of the most current things to happen is how smart phones have changed traditional marketing approaches.  One great example is utilizing texting.  Where an email may only be looked at periodically, studies have shown that a text typically is looked at within 90 seconds of its arrival.  Because of this, it is a powerful tool to reach out and connect.

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Coaching and Consulting


Learning, growing and developing are the hall mark of a quality business.  Operation Crusader's passion is helping companies and organizations accomplish their goals by changing their marketing and communication approach.  Because of this, we offer a wide variety of trainings and workshops.  Some are done in a webinar format while others are presented live.

Operation Crusader offers workshops focused on a specific topic where we provide all of the How To's of that topic.  We also offer specific training for one company.  We take the time to review everything that your company has going and offer a 6 session approach for your people to craft a marketing and communication plan specifically for you.


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